On-Demand Webinar:
Common Myths About Enterprise
Licensing and Support
Enterprise software is complicated and also mission-critical. You run your financials, sales, production, human resources and more on it. In some cases, having your ERP and databases down can bring your company to its knees and cost millions. Quality and professional support are vital. Traditionally, the major enterprise software vendors, including Oracle®, SAP®, Microsoft®, and IBM® have simply tacked on support and maintenance as a percentage of your license costs. With these fees, the vendor has promised to deliver fixes, patches, certifications, and upgrades. But is it delivering on that promise?

This informational webinar clarifies the myths that may have dissuaded companies from making the move away from original vendor support, sacrificing significant savings and innovation opportunities in the process. We contrast lingering doubts with facts and realities, along with practical guidance about the choices available to you including third-party support.

Key takeaways from this webinar:
  • Clarify the common myths around software support and contrast with facts and realities
  • Compare the value and ROI of software vendor support programs with third-party support
  • Hear specific client case examples and experiences with Rimini Street support.

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Featured Speaker: Hari Candadai
GVP, Global Product Marketing and Strategy
Rimini Street, Inc
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