5 Pitfalls of Oracle Licensing and Support

Date: 13th June, 2018
Time: 3:00pm BST
Duration: 60 minutes

Featured Speakers:

Craig Guarente
Edward Lester
Craig Guarente
Founder & CEO
Palisade Compliance
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Edward Lester
Service Solution Architect
Rimini Street, Inc.
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Oracle® audits could cost you millions. Audits may force higher license and maintenance costs, and combined with a traditional support model, could put your organisation at risk. 

Help protect your company from potentially increased license and support fees, penalties and downtime by attending this important webinar.

Learn how:

  • Using unlicensed products and options can be an easy trap
  • Virtualisation "done wrong" will cost you
  • To deal with surprises in Oracle contracts
  • Traditional support model can put your operations at risk
  • High maintenance costs can stifle productivity and innovation
Join Craig Guarente, CEO of Palisade Compliance and former Oracle GVP responsible for License Management Services (Customer Audits) along with Edward Lester, Service Solution Architect at Rimini Street to get guidance and learn how you can avoid these five important pitfalls.

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