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SAP has declared 2027 as the planned end of mainstream maintenance support deadline

SAP has declared 2027 as the planned end of mainstream maintenance support deadline for the entire Business Suite 7 applications suite which may force customers to “rip and replace” their current feature-rich 4.x and ECC systems for a new, early-stage, and typically expensive S/4HANA system.

SAP customers are being forced to make difficult SAP application strategy decisions now or else their SAP system and business could face difficult challenges. Now is the time for SAP customers to make a decision, but what are all the options to consider and how are other SAP customers moving forward despite this forced 2027 deadline?

In this interactive 30-minute session Hari Candadai, GVP and Global Evangelist, and Eric Robinson, GVP and GM of SAP Services, cover the top five ways that SAP customers can prepare for the planned deadline:

  • Why building a business case matters
  • How to calculate the real costs of implementing S/4HANA
  • Understand the potential impacts of moving to an “early stage” solution too soon
  • Why sitting still and doing nothing until 2027 is not an option
  • Why Rimini Street support is the smart path forward for SAP customers today
Speaker Name

Hari Candadai

GVP, Global Evangelist

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Speaker Name

Eric Robinson

GVP and GM, SAP Services

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*On Feb. 4, 2020, SAP had announced mainstream support for SAP Business Suite 7 until 2027.

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