Factors to consider when designing a digital enterprise

Duration: 30 minutes

Featured Speaker:


Pat Phelan
Vice President, Research
Rimini Street
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Now, more than ever, IT must rationalize technology decisions and investments based on where the business is going. To successfully create a close alignment of IT spend with business priorities, IT needs visibility into the business’ roadmap for change.

With that insight, IT can create a business-driven roadmap that helps CIOs ensure that precious IT dollars are spent where they will make the most difference. But what does a good roadmap look like?

In this 30-minute recorded session, Pat Phelan, Rimini Street VP Market Research, presents the concept of a business-driven roadmap and why you should use one. She also covers:
  • Various types of roadmaps that are commonly used
  • Guidance on the attributes of a roadmap
  • Best practices to help you successfully create a highly effective roadmap that can withstand the winds of change
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