Rimini Street Webinar - Critical Tips for Planning the Certification and Exit of your Oracle ULA

Date: Tuesday, October 6th, 2020

Time: 15:00 BST

Duration: 30 Minutes

Trying to exit or considering the renewal of your Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA)?

With proper planning and advice, you can help control the certification process, not Oracle.

However, if you leave anything to chance, you can inadvertently impact your long-term IT strategy, including the ability to move around based on your budget, resources and roadmap.

Tune into this 30-minute webinar and learn about important actions to free your budget from a ULA and liberate funds for innovation.

  • How renewing a ULA can be costly and detrimental to your IT strategy

  • When to plan your exit strategy to avoid lock-in and free up budget

  • How to help take control of the certification process

    Join Craig Guarente, CEO of Palisade Compliance and former Oracle GVP responsible for License Management Services (Customer Audits) along with Dan Ashton of Rimini Street to get guidance on ULA certification plus reduce your support costs, free up resources and focus on your new IT initiatives.

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    Craig Guarente - Palisade Compliance

    Craig Guarente

    Palisade Compliance

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    Dan Ashton

    Dan Ashton

    Sr. Director, Product Marketing
    Rimini Street Inc.

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