5 vendor lock-in obstacles and strategies to avoid

5 vendor lock-in obstacles and strategies to avoid

Duration: 30 minutes

Featured Speaker:

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Jeremy Sayler
Director, License Advisory Services
Rimini Street
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Whether you run SAP or Oracle applications, you may have come to the same conclusion that thousands of other IT teams have: software vendor policies and support models which we refer to as “vendor-dictated roadmaps” are primarily designed to benefit the software vendors … NOT their customers.

A big challenge that can stop IT innovation dead in its tracks is vendor lock-in.

In this 30-minute webinar, Jason Kotsaftis, Senior Product Marketing Director and Jeremy Sayler, Director of License Advisory Services, share five ways to help you break free from vendor lock-in! You will learn how other IT teams have taken back control of their Oracle and SAP relationships in order to regain flexibility and invest in their IT roadmap.

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