Rimini Street Webinar - Position Your IT Organization to Survive, Stabilize and Thrive Through Crisis

CIOs are not only looking at new ways to drive immediate cost savings to survive in the short term but also exploring strategies to stabilize and emerge more innovative and competitive. This plan for IT recovery will include consideration of cost, value and risk and shifting spend to high priority investments to move the business forward.

Join Joe Cannella, CIO, Tempel Steel and James MacLellan, CIO, Maker Turtle in this fireside chat as they discuss actionable strategies to tackle IT’s challenges today and position to thrive in the future.

Strategic Discussion Topics:

  • Identify IT and services categories for immediate cost cutting opportunities

  • Stabilize current environments to ensure smooth IT operations

  • Invest in innovation to create competitive advantage and growth when possible

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Joe Cannella

Tempel Steel

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James MacLennan

Maker Turtle LLC

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