Shift away from a vendor-dictated roadmap

Accelerating Your Business-Driven Roadmap

Date: February 14th, 2019
Time: 11:00 am Pacific Time / 2:00 pm Eastern Time 
Duration: 30 minutes

Featured Speaker:

Hari Candadai
GVP, Global Product Marketing and Strategy
Rimini Street, Inc.
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Pat Phelan
VP, Market Research
Rimini Street, Inc.
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To be competitive and profitable, businesses are shifting their mindset from routine operations to expansion and innovation. CIOs understand they must also transform their team from a reactive, technology-driven cost center to a strategic IT organization. Despite their best efforts, however, many IT teams are still at the mercy of vendor-dictated roadmaps: mandatory upgrade cycles for full support, forced lock-in to immature technologies, and recurring costs associated with maintaining existing systems. In our experience, these roadblocks can leave IT teams without funding and resources to drive strategic outcomes, limiting their agility and making digital transformation unachievable.

In this 30-minute webinar, former Gartner analyst, Pat Phelan and Rimini Street Group Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategy, Hari Candadai will compare and contrast a vendor-dictated versus a Business-Driven Roadmap offered by Rimini Street that considers your operational needs while providing room for innovation. They will provide real-world case studies of clients who are moving away from single vendor tech stacks to user-centric, hybrid environments. Attendees will learn practical ways to rebalance spending priorities in order to drive growth and gain competitive advantage.

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