Analyst Panel Discussion:
Myths and Realities of Hybrid IT, Cloud and Your Future ERP Strategy

Rimini Street and a featured speaker from Forrester Research, Inc. discuss and debate the role of hybrid IT, cloud and current ERP investments in meeting rapidly evolving business demands

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Hybrid IT landscapes are proliferating as businesses blend new, often cloud-based applications with traditional on-premise enterprise software from companies like Oracle® and SAP®. With all the hype surrounding Hybrid IT and cloud, how should your organization evaluate a potential evolution to a Hybrid IT landscape?

In this on-demand webinar, Rimini Street and Forrester Research analyst discuss and debate the myths and realities of Hybrid IT and what it really means for you and your organization. This is relevant for organizations that are running traditional enterprise software and assessing how best to adopt new cloud technologies like social, mobility, and big data while managing costs and reducing risk.

Key Learnings:

  • What is Hybrid IT and what pitfalls to avoid
  • Which “systems of engagement” and from what sources are driving Hybrid IT strategies
  • What role do current ERP “systems of record” play in a hybrid strategy
  • What options exist to fund innovation in a Hybrid IT model, including a discussion of redeploying funds via independent support

View this on-demand webinar to receive best practices and survey results to help assess whether a Hybrid IT strategy will help produce desired business outcomes faster and more cost-effectively for your organization.


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On-demand Webinar

Featured Speakers:

Liz Herbert
VP, Principal Analyst
Forrester Research
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Sebastian Grady
President and COO
Rimini Street, Inc
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