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How to Negotiate Maintenance Discounts from Oracle® and SAP®

New analyst research uncovers the positive pricing impact of third-party maintenance for Oracle and SAP customers

In a groundbreaking study, Constellation Research surveyed 184 organizations to understand the impact of third-party maintenance on their contract negotiations with Oracle or SAP. The research reveals how third-party maintenance can play a key role in providing pricing leverage and options in overall application and maintenance contract negotiations.

The conclusion? Savvy customers are no longer paying Oracle or SAP full price for annual maintenance.

View this webcast to hear leading industry analyst Ray Wang, with years of experience helping companies negotiate better deals with Oracle and SAP, detail how many customers are now leveraging a competitive proposal to get the best price and service terms from Oracle or SAP — or switching to value-based third-party software support for greater savings, innovative features and more responsive service.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What strategies other customers are using to reduce their maintenance fees
  • How much the average customer can save in maintenance negotiations with Oracle and SAP
  • How third-party maintenance creates counter-balance and choice for Oracle and SAP customers
  • How to leverage a competitive proposal to get your best terms from Oracle and SAP or determine if third-party maintenance is right for you

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Expert Speakers:

Rimini Street is the leading third-party support provider of SAP and Oracle software.

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