James MacLennan - Founder and Managing Partner, Maker Turtle LLC

Speaker / Presenter

James MacLennan

Managing Partner, Maker Turtle LLC

James MacLennan is the Managing Partner at Maker Turtle LLC, providing strategic vision and tactical guidance for the digital transformation of your organization.

Prior to Maker Turtle, Jim was CIO at IDEX Corporation, a global industrial manufacturer. Before that, he was CIO for Pactiv LLC, a packaging manufacturer, and VP IT for Reynolds Services, providing IT services for Reynolds Consumer Products.

Jim has 30+ years of experience in multiple business models and markets, translating strategic drivers into tactical plans and tangible results. His career spans industries including pharmaceuticals, consumer durables, industrial products, and consumer packaged goods.

Jim’s latest book, Don’t Think So Much, lays out his vision for accelerating digital business. He regularly speaks publicly on digital and leadership topics, and publishes his insights at MakerTurtle.com.

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