Oracle® Applications Strategy Survey: Top Findings and Analysis

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Rimini Street recently conducted a survey of 139 Oracle customers to understand their future Oracle applications strategy and thoughts on key questions including:

  • Should you plan for a transition to Oracle Fusion Applications or a new third-party solution?
  • Are the costs and risks of upgrading your current application releases worth the potential benefits?
  • What actions are other customers considering as they plan their applications strategy?

In this on-demand webinar,  we take a deep-dive into the survey findings and discuss what it means for Oracle applications customers like you.

Key Findings:

  • Only 5% of Oracle Customers Surveyed Currently Plan to Use Fusion Applications
  • Only 35% of Oracle Customers Surveyed Currently Planning an Upgrade
  • Survey Respondents Want More Product Roadmap Clarity
  • Over 70% of Surveyed Customers Are Dissatisfied with the Cost of Oracle Annual Support and Maintenance

View this on-demand webinar to gain insights into these survey findings and their implications as you plan your 2015 Oracle applications roadmap.


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