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Slash maintenance costs for your Oracle® Database by up to 90% to fund critical IT initiatives now.

With Oracle Database maintenance comes great responsibility.

Oracle Database maintenance comes with challenges and frustrations that can test the determination and courage of any IT or procurement professional. From unsupported database instances, to rising costs, and oppressive, disruptive audits, the ongoing maintenance of your Oracle Database can drain budgets and put a tremendous amount of stress on your valuable IT resources.

There is hope. What if you were able to free up significant budget from your Oracle Database maintenance costs and reallocate for innovative technologies that deliver a huge competitive advantage NOW, and not 5 years from now?

of survey respondents have Oracle Database instances that are no longer fully supported1
of respondents consider Oracle Database maintenance costs to be too high1
About 300 database options are available in the market2


Survey Report: The Hidden Truths about Oracle Database Support

Discover the biggest pitfalls of the Oracle Database maintenance — from high costs to unsupported instances, disruption and performance issues. Learn about your peers’ maintenance battles, alternative options, plus expert recommendations on how to optimize the ROI of your maintenance spend. Get insights on:

  • Database instances that are not fully supported even while paying full maintenance fees
  • How others feel about the value of vendor support and what they are doing about it
  • Less expensive and more agile database options that offer a lower TCO


Case Study: How BDP Accelerated Innovation by Optimizing Database Costs

Discover how BDP International, a global logistics company, endured a $3.3 million Oracle audit adjustment. To regroup post-audit, they searched for a database maintenance option that could reduce TCO and support a hybrid strategy to leverage alternative open-source and cloud databases. Discover how they were able to:

  • Significantly reduce overall database maintenance costs
  • Accelerate the development of a customer-facing mobile platform
  • Receive 24/7/365 premium support for all Oracle Database instances


Top 7 Highlights: How to Optimize Database Infrastructure and Costs

View this 8-minute webinar overview featuring Noel Yuhanna from Forrester Research and learn about the top database trends — including open-source and cloud options, licensing strategies, and support challenges in this video.


Getting the Most From Your Oracle Database Support

Understand the Oracle Lifetime Support Policy for Oracle Database, the strategic roadmap by release—plus three actionable recommendations to consider when planning your database budget and strategy.


Rimini Street Support for Oracle Database

Learn more about the Rimini Street Oracle Database Support program that can work in tandem along with applications from Oracle and SAP or as a standalone support program.

Maximize the Value of Your Oracle Database Investment

Rimini Street replaces the annual support you receive from Oracle® for your Oracle Database and provides significant savings on total maintenance costs while delivering a higher-value of service. You can remain on your current, stable releases for a minimum of 15 years without any required upgrades — yet preserving the right to upgrade when it suits your business needs and budget.

Rimini Street premium service goes beyond standard break/fix support and includes configuration support, performance tuning, Interoperability support and guidance, database security advisory, upgrade support, and support for Oracle Database virtualization.

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