Analyst POV: What the Latest Developments at SAP® Mean for You
And how an award-winning CIO eliminated uncertainty with SAP and funded innovation now by switching to independent support

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Recent developments at SAP, including the departure of key technology and cloud leaders, have raised concerns about SAP's product strategy, stability and relevance as an innovator1. Is SAP at a cross roads or is this a symptom of a bigger problem?

In this on-demand webinar, our speakers share their expert opinions on these recent developments and recommendations for funding and delivering innovation that the business needs now.

Key takeaways:

  • Expert opinions and analysis on SAP's recent developments and implications for SAP licensees
  • Top issues facing SAP CIOs today - including the pace and focus of innovation at SAP, and the commitment to core ERP vs. mobile, Cloud and SAP HANA
  • Case Example: How Color Spot Nurseries is 'innovating around the edges' of a robust SAP system now to support a rapid growth strategy

View this on-demand webinar to understand how these developments could affect you and your company.



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Feature Speakers:

Ray Wang
Pricipal Analyst, Founder and Chairman
Constellation Research
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Eric Robinson
Color Spot Nurseries
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David Rowe
Rimini Street, Inc
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