CIO-to-CIO: How I Reduced SAP® Maintenance Costs to Fund Innovation
Hear Embraer CIO on How to Change the Game with Third-Party Maintenance

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Rimini Street is the leading independent provider of enterprise software support for SAP® and Oracle® licensees.

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The huge ongoing maintenance costs of SAP system drain IT budget – as much as 70% of IT budgets for some companies – and constrain the ability to invest in new technologies and innovations needed by the business.

In this interactive session, Embraer CIO Alexandre Baulé shared how he successfully used third-party maintenance to significantly reduce SAP annual support costs and free up funds for innovation that better position Embraer for the future, earning him an IT Executive of the Year award by InformationWeek.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the full cost of maintaining SAP and how it limits your ability to meet changing business and market requirements
  • Learn why Embraer chose third-party maintenance to significantly reduce SAP maintenance costs
  • Gain a client’s perspective on the benefits beyond cost savings of Rimini Street’s award-winning support program
  • Find out how shifting your support model can better position your organization to drive innovation and competitive advantage

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Rimini Street, Inc.
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Embraer S.A.
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