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February 2017

CIOs today are no longer just being asked to keep the lights on or to keep business information surging through their datacenters. They’re coming to the table where strategic business decisions are made and being asked, “How are you going to contribute to our growth and transformation?”

The CIOs we talk to at Rimini Street are asking themselves whether growth is better served by following the ERP vendor’s forced upgrade, low ROI path, or by considering other options. They’ve been burned by the constant rush to stay on the latest release. The new imperative for 2017 is digital transformation in areas like analytics that improve the customer experience, and running smarter in order to compete. These initiatives represent real opportunities. Upgrading decades-old software is just a burden. And the promise of future new platforms from Oracle and SAP may not be realized until many years in the future, if ever. CIOs can’t afford to wait that long to invest in growth.

Take our client NCI Building Systems, the $1.5 billion manufacturing giant, featured in this issue of Street Wise. They took $500,000 saved by switching to our support program and invested it into an eCommerce portal that engages customers directly in the estimating, design and engineering of the metal buildings that are the company’s core product.

NCI’s eCommerce portal has generated annual revenue in excess of $60 million. Food for thought next time your client/CIO gets asked, “How are you contributing to company growth and digital transformation?”

— David Rowe, SVP & CMO



NCI Building Systems Parlays $500K Savings into $60M Revenue Stream

NCI’s leadership team took note of $500K IT saved by switching to Rimini Street and challenged IT to use the money to grow the company. The CIO’s investment in a customer-facing eCommerce site has paid off, creating a revenue stream that has generated over $60M annually.

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BrightSource Drives Digital Transformation with Maintenance Savings

The CIO of this leading renewable energy company was able to fund an innovative hybrid IT landscape that included replacing an HR solution and transitioning to a private cloud. How? By switching to Rimini Street. Learn more here.

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Vinci Energies Consolidates Oracle and SAP Support under Rimini Street to Invest in Digital Initiatives

The CTO of Vinci Energies, the largest construction company in the world by revenue, ended their multi-year Oracle support contract and switched to Rimini Street. This allowed them to innovate around the edges of their digital systems, adding new capabilities such as analytics, BI, mobile, cloud and Big Data, and collaboration tools.

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Kyocera SGS Precision Tools Gears Up to Tackle Innovation Imperatives

This specialist manufacturer cut its software maintenance costs in half by switching to Rimini Street. The move liberated vital resources to focus on shop floor innovation.

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Goss International Prints Money, Shifts Focus from Technology Support to Business Improvement

With the savings and freed-up IT resources garnered from switching to independent support, print equipment manufacturer Goss is currently implementing SAP Warehouse Management, and plans to implement Concur and Salesforce.

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Oracle Database Survey Findings

Nearly three-quarters of respondents (74%) have database instances that are no longer fully supported by Oracle, risking high costs and business disruption, according to a Rimini Street survey of CIOs, IT management and DBAs. Read more to gain additional insight into Oracle maintenance challenges from the survey.

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Q&A with CEO Seth Ravin

In a recent interview with ZDNet UK, Rimini Street CEO Seth Ravin shared his perspective on how competition has driven innovation in the software maintenance market and allowed for more options for the software licensee, and why independent support is the wave of the future.

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ERP Customers at a Crossroads

With CIOs at a crossroads with their software strategy, what are their options? This article, featuring Rimini Street president Sebastian Grady, discusses the challenges and alternatives that ERP customers face today.

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Rimini Street Expands Global Investments

In the past several months, Rimini Street has been busy expanding its operations, opening up new offices and appointing new executives all over the globe. Here’s a taste of some of our recent moves:



Company Announcements: Preliminary Fiscal Q4 and 2016 Results and New CFO

Rimini Street announced its 44th consecutive quarter of growth, which included signing a record 166 clients in Q4. There are now over 1,750 signed clients to date! Rimini Street also announced a new SVP and CFO, Thomas Sabol. The 30-year veteran brings his financial and operational experience to help Rimini Street in its next phase of fast-paced global growth. More 2016 highlights include:

  • Full year revenue of $161 million, up 36% year over year
  • Deferred revenue for 2016 of $164 million, up 53% year over year
  • Billings for 2016 of $218 million, up 56% year over year
  • 1,766 total signed clients to date, up 39% year over
  • 850+ employees around the globe, expanding workforce by 30% year over year
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