Sometimes, less is better. Especially when it comes to how software vendors treat their customers. A true partner spends less time talking about their own profits and more time talking about how they drive growth and revenue for their customers. A true partner cares less about promoting their own agenda and more about helping customers achieve their business outcomes.

Rimini Street replaces annual vendor software maintenance with the service and support clients need to innovate. Instead of an inflexible and expensive support offering, Rimini Street has a better model that is more affordable. And with less money going to your vendor, you can free up funds for strategic IT initiatives.

Here's how you can expect less from us:

  • Less Cost—Rimini Street replaces your annual Oracle, SAP, IBM and Microsoft maintenance with a better support model, at up to a 90% savings in total support costs
  • Less disruption and upgrade costs—we don't force you to upgrade to maintain full support like the software vendor—in fact, we will support your current releases for a minimum of 15 years after you switch to Rimini Street
  • Less wait time—we will get your support cases resolved, no matter who wrote the code, with guaranteed 15 minute response, 24x7x365

And less from us means more for you…more funding for initiatives that drive competitive advantage and growth.

Here are a few other things you might like less of too:


...we always get more money.5

–Safra Catz, Oracle Co-CEO

It’s time for a better support partner. Click here to find out why more than 2,600 organizations chose Rimini Street support for a better model, a better strategy and a better partner.

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