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Street Wise Newsletter - by Rimini Street
March 2013
Rimini Street Reports Largest Sales Quarter in Company History in Q4
Rimini Street reported its 11th consecutive quarter of record results in Q4 and full-year 2012 recently, including annual revenue growth of $43+ million, a more than 30 percent year-over-year increase, and the largest sales quarter ever in the Company's history with a record 40 new client transactions closed. The Company also reported sales bookings backlog of $558 million and strong sales across each of its product lines including its newest, Oracle Hyperion, launched October 2012. Read more

"Fiscal Cliff" Updates Delivered in One Day — Business As Usual for Rimini Street's Global Tax, Legal and Regulatory Team
To date, more than 45,000 tax, legal and regulatory updates have been delivered to more than 70 countries around the world through Rimini Street's innovative combination of patent-pending research technology and ISO-certified quality processes. Earlier this year, Rimini Street delivered an individual update to address the "fiscal cliff" legislation one day after it was signed into law by President Obama in January, as reported in an article by IT Jungle. Read more

Rimini Street Launches Rimini Street Labs
The Company announced the launch of Rimini Street Labs, which completed construction on Phase I of the Hyderabad campus in October. The facility expects to hire up to 200 Oracle and SAP engineers by 2015, who will add deep engineering experience and skills breadth behind Rimini Street's award-winning Primary Support Engineers located around the world. Read more

The Word on the Street
"We are now a year into the relationship with Rimini Street. Our total savings are more than we expected and the support service bears no resemblance to the service we were getting before."

Steve Airton
IS Controller
United Biscuits

Welcome to the latest edition of Street Wise. In this issue we lead with a breaking development — Oracle and SAP are discounting maintenance. Recent analyst reports detail how savvy customers are negotiating maintenance discounts from Oracle and SAP or switching to value-based third-party support for greater savings, innovative features and more responsive service. Has the market for annual support services finally reached a tipping point? Are customers now able to leverage competitive proposals with success in negotiations with Oracle and SAP? Yes!

The credibility of third-party maintenance has clearly been validated by the category’s success and growth in the market. Rimini Street’s nearly 600 clients attest to this. So it's apropos to feature two customer success stories in this edition of Street Wise. What this means is that today, when a customer puts a Rimini Street proposal on the bargaining table with Oracle and SAP, it has to be taken seriously. No matter which support option is chosen, the customer wins either way.

— David Rowe, SVP & CMO

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Special Topic
Oracle and SAP Are Discounting Maintenance — Are You Still Paying Full Price?
You don't have to negotiate with the vendor empty-handed. When you're negotiating costs and service levels with Oracle or SAP, bring along Rimini Street's proposal for premium support and maintenance at 50% lower cost.

You can reduce your support costs — whether you switch to Rimini Street Support or not. Most ERP customers believe Oracle and SAP won't negotiate maintenance — period. Indeed, the vendors themselves would have you believe support and maintenance fees aren't negotiable — but there's evidence to the contrary.

New Industry Report Confirms Rimini Street Gives Customers Negotiating Leverage

The strongest proof yet that third-party maintenance options provide customer leverage in pricing negotiations with the vendor is Constellation Research's new report, "The Positive Pricing Impact of Third-Party Maintenance for Oracle and SAP Customers: Survey Data Shows How Third-Party Maintenance Options Provide Customer Leverage." In the report respected analyst R. "Ray" Wang writes, "Based on the survey results and Constellation Research's hands-on experience in assisting clients with vendor support contract negotiations, we believe third-party maintenance plays a key role in providing pricing leverage and options in overall applications and contract negotiations strategy."

That's great news for the industry: Simply by showing the vendor they are considering Rimini Street, customers gain negotiating leverage. Find out how customers and prospects are using proposals from Rimini Street to bolster their bargaining position.
Success Story
Client Success: United Biscuits Drives More Value from Current SAP ECC 6.0 Release — Cost Reduction a Top Priority, But Service Excellence Key to Client's Satisfactions
If you've ever spent time in the UK, you've probably enjoyed some of United Biscuits' sweet and savory snacks ranging from biscuits to crackers and cakes. UB is an international brand, serving markets in the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Ireland as well as the UK. The company is thrilled with the savings and support it's getting from Rimini Street — according to Steve Airton, UB IS Controller, "We are now a year into the relationship with Rimini Street. Our total savings are more than we expected and the support service bears no resemblance to the service we were getting before."

Driving Innovation with Savings from Third-Party Support

Rather than sitting still with its stable SAP system, United Biscuits is taking advantage of its cost savings to drive improvements and innovation in and around its core SAP ECC 6.0 system in order to support new business initiatives. Read the Success Story
Success Story
Client Success: Lottery & Gaming Corporation Wins Big with Third-Party Support and Virtualization
This Canadian company employs more than 18,000 people throughout its province, and is responsible for 27 gaming sites and sales of lottery products at some 10,000 retail locations. The corporation's strategic ERP road map calls for implementing various SaaS solutions around the edges of its mature PeopleSoft 7.5-8.3 applications systems, then eventually implementing a new ERP.

To proactively ensure the interoperability of all compenents of its ERP landscape, this company has turned to virtualization. Says the IT Manager, "Rimini Street helped us virtualize, installing a PeopleSoft Financials 7.5 client on a Windows 7 desktop via Citrix. Our IT team here was surprised. We didn’t expect Rimini Street to have the technical depth that it clearly does."

Rimini Street Helps with Application and Development Toolset Upgrade

Rimini Street has successfully resolved every one of the dozens of support issues submitted by the corporation, including help with upgrading its PeopleSoft applications and PeopleTools versions to the latest releases it had licensed from the vendor. The IT manager says, "Rimini Street is saving us more than 50 percent in annual support costs — and just as important, has given the corporation more precious time for us to sort out our strategic ERP plans and decide where we want to go." Read the Success Story
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