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July 2013

Rimini Street Reports Record Second Quarter 2013 Results
Rimini Street recently reported its 13th consecutive quarter of record results and industry analysts are calling it a blockbuster quarter. The company logged more than $140 million in new sales contracting activity, a 165% increase over the year-ago quarter. Rimini Street's fiscal second quarter results also include record highs in recognized revenue, deferred revenue, new client transactions, new sales invoicing, sales contracting and sales booking backlog. Read full Q2 2013 results

Rimini Street International Investment and Growth
Strong demand worldwide for third-party support services has fueled Rimini Street's continued global investment and expansion plans. Recently, the Company appointed several industry veterans to lead its growth and expansion in several key regions:

The Word on the Street
“Oracle Corp. and SAP AG customers gearing up for maintenance contract negotiations should investigate what third-party maintenance providers have to offer.” The Wall Street Journal, “For Oracle and SAP Customers, It Pays to Shop Around,” March 19, 2013


The CIO of $6 billion Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer is awarded IT Executive of the Year by InformationWeek for using Rimini Street to shift funds from unproductive SAP maintenance to new projects and global expansion. Rimini Street expands its product coverage to include SAP BusinessObjects and is pulled by customers into global markets. Rimini Street logs another record quarter with 57 new client transactions in Q2, 2013. Enterprise software customers worldwide use third-party support momentum as leverage in negotiations with Oracle and SAP — and win.

Third-party support market has reached a tipping point. The enterprise software support industry will never be the same, and ERP customers are the beneficiaries. With this edition of Street Wise we bring you a few of the latest exciting developments.

— David Rowe, SVP & CMO

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Press Releases
Southco Takes SAP Global with Help from Rimini Street
Southco’s story puts the lie to the myth that your ERP system is “frozen” when you move to third-party support. Says Southco CIO Brice Salle: “Rimini Street has been a valuable partner in helping us successfully accomplish the globalization of our SAP initiative with no impact to our business or our customers.” Read story.
News Articles
Automotive Manufacturer Leverages Rimini Street to Cut Support Costs and Continue Running Stable Oracle EBS R11 Release
Computerworld UK reports that UCI International, a leading US manufacturer in the automotive aftermarket, has decided to use Rimini Street to support its Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) applications in a bid to save a substantial amount of money in annual support fees. In terms of strategic value, the savings from moving to Rimini Street are helping UCI International meet its budget goals while focusing resources and staff on key business and IT initiatives. Read story.
News Articles
IT Visionaries Choose Third-Party Support: Aerospace Giant Embraer
InformationWeek has recognized Embraer CIO Alexandre Baulé as Executive of the Year in the category of Financial Performance for cutting maintenance costs in half with Rimini Street. Embraer is receiving better support — including support for its customized ERP system — while freeing up budget for more innovative spend. Read story. Watch video.
Special Topics

Customers Fight Back Against Sky-High Vendor Maintenance Fees
According to Constellation Research, when customers fight back against monopolistic vendor support policies by simply brandishing the threat of switching to third-party support, this “creates choice in a highly consolidated and increasingly non-competitive market.”[1] A few of the latest developments:

[1] R. Ray Wang, “The Positive Pricing Impact of Third-Party Maintenance for Oracle and SAP Customers: Survey Data Shows How Third-Party Maintenance Options Provide Customer Leverage,” Constellation Research, March 18, 2013.

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