Is Independent Support a Good Fit
for Your SAP Strategy?

Live Webinar: Thurs, June 22, 2017 - 11am PT / 2pm ET

A Candid Q&A with Renowned Analyst R “Ray” Wang

How does it impact your budgets, cloud and S/4HANA strategy?         


The gap between what SAP® customers pay for expensive maintenance every year and the value they are getting continues to widen. Independent support is a proven alternative to free up critical funds and resources for strategic initiatives while providing the premium support relevant to your stable, customized SAP application.

The benefits of independent support are immense, but is it right for your organization?                  

In this candid Q&A, Ray Wang of Constellation Research will compare the costs and benefits, clarify common misconceptions about independent support, and answer your questions including:

  • Why so many companies are switching to independent support?
  • Does switching help or hinder your SAP application strategy to the cloud and S/4HANA?
  • How important are the latest software releases?
  • Can you still purchase new modules and licenses?
  • Will there be penalties if you return to the original software vendor's support?
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Thurs, June 22, 2017
11am PT / 2pm ET
60 minutes
R "Ray" Wang
Principal Analyst and Founder
Constellation Research, Inc.

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