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Webinar for Oracle and SAP Licensees

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Rimini Street is the leading third-party support provider of SAP and Oracle software.
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Analyst Insight: Third-Party Support Is Proven To Cut Costs, But Is It Right For Your Organization?

A new report by Forrester Research* highlights the steady stream of inquiries from Oracle and SAP customers questioning whether they genuinely receive value for their high maintenance costs and why many are turning to third-party support from Rimini Street to cut these costs in half.

Forrester Senior Analyst Mark Bartrick presented the results of his extensive client interviews and research on third-party support, and provided actionable advice on how to assess third-party support for your organization.

*You'll receive a copy of the new Forrester Research report, "Rimini Street Challenges Big Software Maintenance Fees," July 20, 2012.



Watch this  webinar to hear Forrester Research's Insights on Third-Party Support.

David Rowe
Rimini Street, Inc.

Mark Bartrick
Senior Analyst
Forrester Research

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