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Webinar: Avoid Expensive Upgrades of Your SAP R/3 Releases

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If you are running R/3 4.6c and R/3 4.7 Enterprise, your SAP annual maintenance may be ending as of March 31, 2013. Many SAP customers are now facing a dilemma: to undertake an expensive "forced" upgrade to SAP ERP 6.0 within the next year, or face running an unsupported SAP system.

Many R/3 customers have concluded that upgrading just isn't worth it. There is no ROI.

Watch this webinar to learn how SAP customers are using third-party support to avoid upgrades, reduce overall IT maintenance costs and drive years of additional value from their current R/3 releases.

4 reasons to watch this webinar:

  • Avoid expensive and disruptive upgrades that offer limited business value
  • Drive more value from your SAP investment
  • Continue to innovate with SaaS, mobility and BI around your sold SAP ERP core
  • Add support for customized code at no charge



Watch the webinar to learn
more about SAP R/3 support.

Greg Leiner
Director, SAP Operations
Rimini Street