Rimini Street Webinar - Adopt a “Shift Left” Strategy to Transform IT Support Services

Date: Thursday, July 23, 2020

Time: 11:00am PST/2:00pm EST

Duration: 30 Minutes

Companies and IT organizations that provide technology support services (either internally or externally) are struggling to find a service approach that moves knowledge closer to their customers—one that lowers costs, improves customer experiences, and, importantly, balances technology and the human connection.

Adopting a "Shift Left" strategy is a high-impact way to address these needs. It works best when automation is balanced with—not blocking or inhibiting—the human factor to provide a personalized customer experience. This webinar examines:

  • What's driving the Shift Left trend

  • The benefits of shifting left and why it makes you more competitive

  • How to embrace and implement your Shift Left strategy

Join Pat Phelan, former Gartner Analyst and VP of Research for Rimini Street as she examines how a “shift left” strategy can transform IT support services.

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Speaker / Presenter

Pat Phelan

VP of Market Research

Pat Phelan recently joined Rimini Street as a VP of Market Research. She is developing a product marketing research agenda that provides an ecosystem perspective and informs business decisions across critical topics - including enterprise software, third-party support, IT optimization, and application strategies.

Pat has 37 years of packaged application experience in various industries, both public and private, including commercial manufacturers, service firms, federal/state/local government and education. Prior to joining Rimini Street, she was at Gartner for 18 years providing CIOs and IT leaders with research and advice on methods and strategies for managing the ERP/business application life cycle, with a special focus on restructuring support as applications are moved to the cloud.


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