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Strategic Questions Every SAP Customer Must Answer

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Vinnie Mirchandani

Vinnie Mirchandani
CEO and Technology Advisor
Deal Architect, Inc.
Author of SAP Nation 2.0: an empire in disarray


Yael Urman
Director of Applications
PBF Energy

SAP® customers are struggling to decide on a way forward and it is not ‘simple’. Which path is right for you?

Is "wait and see" for S/4HANA the right strategy?
Can you innovate around your core ERP with hybrid IT?
How do you optimize your SAP investment, now and in the future?

With the high cost of running SAP draining your budget and resources, every day you wait, you waste money and fall behind on innovation needed for your business.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how SAP industry expert Vinnie Mirchandani and SAP customers Pall Corporation and PBF Energy to optimize SAP costs and accelerate innovation.

Key takeaways from this webinar:

  • Latest survey results of over 150 global SAP customers
  • The latest on S/4HANA – what you should know from SAPPHIRE
  • Strategic options SAP customers are using to fund innovation, now

You cannot “afford” to wait any longer. Watch the on-demand webinar today.

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About the Speakers

Vinnie Mirchandani
Vinnie Mirchandani
CEO and Technology Advisor, Deal Architect, Inc.

Vinnie Mirchandani, a former Gartner analyst, is a leading technology advisor and author. As the CEO of Deal Architect Inc, a technology advisory firm, he has helped clients evaluate and negotiate over $10 billion in technology contracts and take advantage of disruptive trends like cloud computing and business process outsourcing (BPO) before they go mainstream.

He has been called "The King of Wow" for his keen eye for technology-enabled innovation. His blog, “New Florence. New Renaissance”. has over 4,000 posts of innovative products, projects, and people in work, life, and play. His books have been widely praised as an "innovation firehoses". His latest books, SAP Nation and SAP Nation 2.0, carry his trademark case-study heavy style and draw on the breadth of his blogs, extensive research, and a global perspective from his travels to over 50 countries.

Yael Urman
Director of Applications, PBF Energy

Highly driven Information Technology executive with strong business orientation. Transformation and leadership roles spanning 20 years in rapid-growth companies in Energy, IT Services, Biotech and Pharma. Extensive experience leading global teams and large scale IT projects. Proven expertise in building and turning IT organizations and operations into a ‘well-oiled machine’. Recognized as a visionary leader who anticipates an organization’s future needs and drives from strategy to execution.