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5 Hidden Traps That Are Keeping You in Your Oracle ULA
Oracle Unlimited License Agreements ("ULA") by themselves are neither good nor bad. Whether they are good or bad for your business is based entirely on how you negotiate the terms and conditions and manage the ULA  throughout the entire lifecycle of the contract. If you enter into a ULA with the right terms, manage it properly and exit via certification with the maximum licenses, then your ULA can be a valuable arrangement for your company. However, if you leave anything to chance, you can inadvertently impact your long-term IT strategy, including the ability to move around based on your budget, resources, and roadmap.

Don’t get locked into terms that don't work for you. Tune into this 45-minute webinar and learn about the five ways an Oracle ULA can trap your team, hurt your budget and stifle innovation.

Join Craig Guarente, CEO of Palisade Compliance and former Oracle GVP responsible for License Management Services (Customer Audits) along with Dan Ashton of Rimini Street to get guidance and learn how you can not only avoid ULA lock-in but reduce your support costs, free up resources and focus on your new IT initiatives.
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Featured Speaker: Craig Guarente
Founder & CEO, Palisade Compliance
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