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Three best practices to help take control of an Oracle Audit: A Palisade Compliance Perspective, hosted by Rimini Street

If you have ever faced an Oracle audit, it may have felt like a game of roulette where your number came up – except you still had to pay the casino. Business activities, like moving to the cloud or acquiring another company, are a few of the potential triggers and – as the wheel spins – it often feels like you have no control over what happens next.

Join Palisade Compliance CEO, Craig Guarente, as he shares the three main things you'll want to have going into an audit that can help you change the outcomes in your favor.


Hosted by Jason Kotsftis, Rimini Street's Senior Director of Product Marketing, and featuring Jeremy Sayler, Director of License Advisory Services for Rimini Street, this 30-minute webinar is ideal for IT leaders, Audit, Compliance, and ERP Licensing teams who want to change the conversation during vendor negotiations.


Craig Guarente

CEO and Founder    Palisade Compliance

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CM_Sep_Photo_Jeremy Sayler.png

Jeremy Sayler

Director, License Advisory Services, Rimini Street

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