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Moving to Oracle’s Cloud – are the risks worth the rewards? A Rimini Street Perspective

Most CIOs are planning or executing a journey to the cloud. Strategies range from “not yet” to “cloud when it makes sense” to “cloud-first.” Some start by moving their infrastructure first, while others go “all-in” by moving infrastructure, platform, and applications. Given the strategy and route your cloud journey is taking, is Oracle’s roadmap going to take you where you want to go?

Each stop along Oracle’s roadmap can lock licensees deeper into its cloud, so you must be certain that Oracle is the right long-term partner before starting down the Oracle cloud path. Oracle is offering cloud incentive programs to tempt its licensees to start the journey, but these programs can have risks and hidden costs.

Join former Gartner analyst, Pat Phelan, as she examines alternate routes to the cloud and weighs Oracle cloud service options against the potential for lock-in and other risks.

Hosted by Jason Kotsaftis, Product Marketing Director for Rimini Street, this 30-minute session is instrumental to organizations planning their path to the cloud.

Speaker Name

Jason Kotsaftis

Sr. Director, Product Marketing

Rimini Street

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Speaker Name

Pat Phelan

VP of Market Research

Rimini Street

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